Major Employers

Erie County is host to a great number of sizable manufacturing operations as well as non-manufacturing operations. A wide variety of manufacturing companies have found great success in Erie County, while many services and businesses thrive on the tourism and recreation opportunities in the county.

Major Manufacturing Operations Located in Erie County

CompanySIC Employees Products Location
Automotive Component Holdings
(ACH) (formerly Visteon)
3714 950
Automobile Parts Margaretta Township
Kyklos Bearing International
  (formerly Delphi)


Automobile Parts Perkins Township

International Automotive Components

  (IAC) (formerly Lear Seating)

Automobile Hardware City of Huron
Freudenberg-NOK 7389 320 Packaging Facility Milan Township
J H Routh Packing 2013 260 Meat Packing Margaretta Township
PPG Industries 2851 200 Chemical Coatings Huron Township
JBT Corporation 3556 186 Conveyors City of Sandusky
CertainTeed Corporation 2952 190 Roofing Materials Milan Township
Bettcher Industries Inc. 3556 160 Meat processing equipment Florence Twp.
US Tsubaki Inc. 3568 100 Chains City of Sandusky
Sandusky Newspapers 2711, 2752 150 Publishing and Printing City of Sandusky
Sandusky International 3325 158 Centrifugal Castings City of Sandusky
Industrial Nut. Corp 3452 100 Special Nuts City of Sandusky

4/14 Update

Top Non-Manufacturing Employers

Cedar Point 390/5000 seasonal City of Sandusky
Firelands Regional
Medical Center
1,951 City of Sandusky
County of Erie 863 Erie County
Ohio Veterans Home 600 Erie County
Sandusky City Schools 614 City of Sandusky
Kalahari Resort 1200
Erie County
City of Sandusky 250 / 24 Seasonal City of Sandusky
Meijer Department Store 225 Erie County
Walmart Department Store 300 Erie County
Great Wolf Lodge 350 Erie County
Perkins School System 260 Erie County
Providence Care Centers 250 Erie County

4/14 Update

The following SIC classifications apply to products currently being manufactured in Erie County:
  • Food and kindred products
  • Textile mill products
  • Apparel and other textile products
  • Lumber and wood products
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Paper and allied products
  • Printing and publishing
  • Chemicals and allied products
  • Petroleum and coal products
  • Primary metal industries
  • Stone, clay, and glass products
  • Fabricated metal products
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Transportation equipment
  • Instruments and related products
  • Electronic and other electronic equipment
  • Administrative and auxiliary
  • Miscellaneous manufacturing industries
  • Rubber and miscellaneous plastics products